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Waterproofing is Key!

If you’re wondering why your shower tiles are falling off the wall less than two years after your new shower was installed, we’ve got some tough news.

The assumption among many homeowners and the general public is that tile and grout are waterproof. 

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. 

Worse, we’ve seen time and time again that many contractors don’t know this either.

If your shower or tiled bathroom wasn’t properly waterproofed prior to installing your tilework, your tile is likely to come loose, and you may face even more disastrous and costly outcomes if not remedied. In locations like showers and bathtub surrounds that face regular water splashes, that can quickly turn into a nightmare. Damp and rotting drywall behind your tile, water seeping into the substructure, and worst – the development of dangerous mold in your walls. 

Proper tile waterproofing is standard for every tile project by Church Bath and Tile. If you’re facing a poorly installed shower or tile, we can help fix, repair, or replace your current problem area.

What is Waterproofing, and Why is Waterproofing a Shower Important?

Waterproofing is the process of creating a moisture barrier between the finished tile and structural components of your home. This is accomplished in a variety of ways and with varied products, but at Church Bath and Tile, we prefer one method above all others.

Industry Leading Waterproof Showers and Tilework at Church Bath and Tile

Backed by the Tile Council of North America Handbook and developed through decades of research, our approach to tile and shower waterproofing is the most effective and thorough approach to properly waterproofing tilework. 

It’s a fully “Sealed System” for shower waterproofing, and the only other alternative that comes close to its reliability is a traditional “Water In and Water Out” method. 

Our tile waterproofing approach is composed of three waterproofing elements that create a seamless barrier from moisture through the entire shower landscape.

Using waterproofed wallboard and shower pans, waterproof sheet membranes, topical waterproofing, and waterproof adhesive sealants, we pride ourselves in making showers as watertight as possible. Church Bath and Tile showers are built beyond industry standards and National Tile Council Association code. 

In fact, after a shower has its full waterproofing, you could technically shower in it before a tile is even set on the floor or wall! This seamless waterproofed system sheds water for direct flow into the drain where it belongs!

The Benefits of Quality Waterproofing for Tile and Showers: Our Best Practices


We use a waterproofing foam board that is both lab- and time-tested. They absorb no water and are considered the premium product in the market. These are used in every shower we install!


All screws that are used to secure our waterproof boards are covered with an industry leading adhesive sealant and receive a waterproof sheet membrane or a waterproof topical application.


We use only the best mortars. We do quality control checks to ensure each tile is receiving 95% mortar coverage to the back of every tile. This is done by back-buttering tiles and with proper trowel size. 100% coverage is the goal. This eliminates possible and common flow paths for water to get behind tile.


Voids at backerboard seams, corners, and where the backerboard meets the shower pan are sealed with three applications of waterproofing – an overengineering in our industry. Only one waterproofing method is required. We use a waterproof adhesive sealant to caulk all corners and a sheet membrane waterproofing is then applied on top. Finally, we apply topical waterproofing.


We use a bonding flange drain. This eliminates the need for weep holes (a common clogging point) in a traditional system. This also eliminates the possibility of over tightening as the drain is solvent-welded to the standpipe below. We take it multiple steps further by applying waterproofing sheet membrane and paint our topical waterproofing membrane.


Changes of plane (corners) are all caulked with color-matched 100% silicone. This provides a necessary expansion and contraction joint as well as a higher waterproofing quality over grout.


Standard cementitious grout is naturally porous. We combat that with either 100% epoxy grout or epoxy-based grouts to provide not just an increased waterproofing, but higher stain-resistance.

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